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Introducing: Network Operations as a Service & Field Operations as a Service

At Hydro One Telecom (HOT), we’re constantly working to help our customers compete in a marketplace that’s made more complicated by successive waves of digital transformation.

As network performance demands grow, network monitoring and in-field management have never been more important—particularly for organizations that deliver “always on” Telecommunications, Financial Services, Government, Energy, Security, Retail and Healthcare services and have zero tolerance for slow-running systems.

Yet, investing in, maintaining and managing Network Operations Centres and field teams is complex and costly—especially if these are simply not part of your organization’s core capabilities.

That’s why we’ve introduced two new, fully managed solutions: Network Operations as a Service (NOS) and Field Operations as a Service (FOS).

News Release: Hydro One Telecom Inc. launches two new fully managed operational services providing network monitoring, maintenance and field support

TORONTO, October 26, 2020 – Hydro One Telecom Inc. today announced the launch of two new solutions—Network Operations as a Service (NOS) and Field Operations as a Service (FOS)—which deliver unparalleled network equipment installation, monitoring, management, repair and replacement services. These two fully managed solutions are particularly useful for organizations that deliver “always on” services and require reliable network performance with zero downtime.

As part of digital transformation initiatives and as businesses adapt to the global pandemic, more organizations are re-engineering business processes and adopting new technologies. Desktop, application and hardware virtualization, secure connectivity for remote workers, video conferencing, cloud computing, network security, AI and more are accelerating the need to adapt organizational processes, putting a heavy burden on enterprise network performance.

Offered as a fully managed service, Hydro One Telecom’s NOS solution leverages a state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC) that has been monitoring and managing the utility grade communications infrastructure for Ontario’s largest utility provider, Hydro One Inc., for more than 20 years.

Hydro One Telecom’s fully managed FOS offering provides technical field support for networking equipment across Ontario. Customers can benefit from the extended reach and rapid response times of an expert-level technical field services team, and the ability to forward-spare critical parts and equipment from as many as fifteen geographically dispersed, secure equipment depots.

“We understand the importance of enterprise networks and the challenges that organizations face in maintaining and supporting them. If network management or field operations are not core to your business, it can be complicated and expensive to support them in-house. Hydro One Telecom offers great alternatives, giving organizations the opportunity to leverage professional network management and field support at a fraction of the cost of a do-it-yourself approach,” said John Papadakis, President and CEO, Hydro One Telecom. “By outsourcing these critical functions to Hydro One Telecom’s highly trained staff, more organizations across Ontario can reduce their infrastructure and support costs, while improving network uptime and performance.”

With the launch of Hydro One Telecom’s new NOS and FOS solutions, organizations across the province can now leverage the depth and breadth of Hydro One Telecom’s technical experience. Jeff Farley, Product Manager for Hydro One Telecom noted, “Third-party Network and Field Operations Services just make good business sense. Whether you’re outsourcing these activities completely, using them to augment in-house capabilities or for after-hours support, outsourced professional Network and Field Operations Services free up resources to focus elsewhere.”

With these proven solutions in place, Ontario’s “always on” organizations, including those in telecommunications, financial services, energy, government, retail, security and healthcare verticals, can improve their network performance, mitigate downtime risks, reduce costs and focus on growing their businesses.

Learn more about what our NOS and FOS solutions can do for your business in this video.

Together, our NOS and FOS solutions offer a multitude of benefits for high-performing organizations:

  • Improved network uptime and performance
  • Streamlined processes and operational management
  • Increased network longevity and projected replacement cycles
  • Increased user productivity and satisfaction
  • Enhanced data security
  • Increased business agility and scalability over time
  • Reduced infrastructure and labour expenses for:
    • Support/help desk staffing, training and operations
    • Hardware, software and equipment maintenance and upgrades, repair and replacement, installation and removals
    • In-field service, including monitoring, dispatch, labour, transportation, equipment storage and disposal



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