CONNECTIVITY Dark Fibre, Ethernet, Internet Transit, MPLS, Wavelength

Hydro One Telecom has been providing network connectivity solutions in the province of Ontario for over 20 years. Whether your communications network goals are to build resilience, increase capacity or improve performance, Hydro One Telecom can help.

Our network connectivity services can expand your organization’s network capacity and reach with solutions that increase performance while reducing risk. We offer a wide selection of scalable high performing network solutions including Dark Fibre, Ethernet, Internet Transit, MPLS, and Wavelength.

Learn how you can reach your network connectivity goals by reading our sell sheet.


Connectivity Sell Sheet

Tower Attachments – timely and cost effective access to a network of utility grade towers

Hydro One Telecom offers utility grade tower attachment and colocation options across the province to meet the needs of wireless and wireline service providers who are looking to avoid costly builds. Tower attachments are ideal for carriers, service providers, and public sector organizations who are looking to expand their coverage without the costly investment in infrastructure.

Along with antenna attachments, Hydro One Telecom offers backhaul, monitoring and colocation services to meet your unique network requirements. We will work with you to construct the right solution for your equipment onsite, colocated in our shelter, or in your own shelter on our premises.

Continue to learn about our Tower Attachments services by reading our sell sheet.

Tower Attachments Sell Sheet

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