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Introducing Secure SD-WAN—the enabler for modern, “cloud-first” businesses

If your company manages significant branch office traffic, especially related to users accessing cloud- or open internet–hosted apps, Secure SD-WAN may be the right solution for you.

Built to help businesses compete in an increasingly digitally transformed marketplace, our Secure SD-WAN is the first fully security-integrated cloud networking SD-WAN solution in Canada, powered by Fortinet.

Among its many features, Secure SD-WAN uses application-aware technology to intelligently identify applications, effectively directing internet-designated traffic safely and securely to the internet, without having to route back to the main site first. Plus: This fully managed SD-WAN solution integrates easily with traditional WAN technologies, like MPLS, Ethernet and Private Line connectivity.

The result: Increased network agility, enhanced user experience, and reduced costs and complexity for network upgrades.


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Backup as a Service (BaaS)—leading-edge backup and recovery solutions

Choose from a suite of leading-edge solutions that offer the flexibility and control you need to protect and secure your end-user data from data breaches and other cybersecurity threats.

Protect your most valuable business asset—data—with our carefully selected array of BaaS solutions, including:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)—robust yet flexible cloud-hosting solutions

Seamlessly adopt cloud services without bearing the cost and complexity of building the necessary infrastructure in-house.

Using our VMware-based IaaS solutions—including multi-tenant Virtual Data Centre (VDC) and Private Cloud options—you can effectively decouple your cloud-based software applications from your network hardware; this provides users with the flexibility to operate multiple IT workloads on a shared pool of infrastructure resources. Or leverage the VDC together with one of our BaaS solutions, for a holistic networking environment all from one user-friendly provider.

The result: Assets and resources can be segmented and isolated within a highly secure multi-tenant environment that scales with your business as it grows, for lower overall investment than if you built your own VDC.


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