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Company Facts

  • Hydro One Telecom was established in 2000. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of 2486267 Ontario Inc., which in turn is wholly owned By Hydro One Limited.
  • We offer broadband telecommunication services in Ontario with connections to Montreal, Buffalo and Detroit
  • We are a CRTC-registered, non-dominant, facilities-based carrier
  • Our technology partners include Cisco, Juniper Networks, FlexITy Solutions, Ciena and Alpha Technologies
  • Our solution partners include ThinkOn, Fortinet and Scalar
  • We provide Ontario-based urban and rural coverage, delivered through over 6400kms of fibre-optic cables and interconnections with third party carriers

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About Hydro One Telecom

At Hydro One Telecom, we are Connecting PossibilitiesTM by combining the strength and reliability of a respected utility with the agility of a small telecommunications provider. Established in 2000, we offer broadband telecommunications and data management solutions, including Connectivity, and fully managed Operations, Cloud and Professional Services, to medium- and large-sized enterprises, wholesalers, public sector agencies and other organizations. As a wholly owned subsidiary of 2486267 Ontario Inc. (which in turn is wholly owned by Hydro One Limited), we are able to leverage portions of Hydro One Limited’s province-wide network, along with the high-speed bandwidth used to monitor Ontario’s electrical grid for Hydro One Networks Inc., to provide more than 8,700 KM of broadband network coverage across Ontario, into Montreal and the U.S. Learn more here.

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